Classic cars and a UNESCO world heritage centre…

Hello and greetings from Riyadh where it is another day of sun!

Today is Sunday, but the first day of the working week in KSA.

Yesterday we went on an outing to Bujairi Heritage Park and came across a classic car event with cars from all over the GCC (Gulf Co-operation Council). There were lots of big American cars and cars adapted for the desert. It had a very chilled vibe with families strolling around taking in the spectacle. There were also food trucks and tables where you could pick up complimentary bottles of water. I think this kind of event is still quite new to KSA so it wasn’t overly busy. Outdoor events are also quite new and they have to hold them at this time of year when it is comfortable enough to be moving around outside (It was around 25 degrees yesterday and also a bit cloudy). We hadn’t known it would be on so it was an added bonus for us!

Surfin’ KSA…
Working the red carpet ;0)

Desert transport
Pink cadallic was my fav!

The classic car event was held in Al Bujairi Historic Park which is a modern development overlooking Old Dir’aiyah, a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Work is ongoing to preserve the historic city of Dir’aiyah which was the original home of the Saudi Royal family in the early 1800s. The ruins of the old city include the remains of palaces, bath houses etc and is an example of traditional architecture. The area is being excavated and preserved but there are plans to turn it into an open-air museum.

Looking towards Old Dir’aiyah from Bujairi Heritage park
New bridge leading to Old Dir’aiyah (not yet open)

Old Dir’aiyah was established beside Wadi Hanifa, a green valley where waters gather when the rains come. The Wadi has been landscaped into a park which is popular with picnic-ers and families. Al Bujairi Hertiage Park which overlooks the Wadi and the old city includes a square, a mosque, cafes, restaurants and shops built in a style resembling Old Dir’aiyah.

There are plans to open four new museums and turn the overall area into a national cultural and tourist centre.

I have read Old Dir’aiyah is due to open sometime this year, but as yet no date has been announced. It will be fascinating to actually visit it. It is so tempting being able to view it and see the bridge leading over to it, but not be able to access it!

And that’s all for this week! I hope you enjoyed. Until next time…

Anne :0)

2 thoughts on “Classic cars and a UNESCO world heritage centre…

  1. Hi Anne!
    Great to be seeing what you are up to. It is such a different world (well its the same world obv) but the climate and the colours are so different. There has been a lot about KSA in the media recently and I just heard something about the speed that things get built due to less beurocracy. So hope that the bridge gets finnished soon. An open air museum would be amazing.
    I like the way it sounds like you are off on little vyages of discovery every time you go out.

    Also, how come you can wear a blue abaya now? It is very nice by the way, is it linen? I thought it had to be black.

    Cheerio the nooo.
    Lots of love to you both

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HI Holly – thank you for the lovely comment! It is SUCH a different world! They do build things quickly here – they just decide they want something and boom, it’s done! I got the new abaya just recently – I noticed a lot of western women wear coloured abayas so I was keen to have an alternative to the black. I think it is linen – well spotted ;o) – I should have asked if it was Irish linen! Hope all is good with you!! Axx


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